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S. no. Item Purpose
1. Internship Details
1.1 Orientation Session Flow Provides a two-day session flow
1.2 Internship Structure Overview of the Internship Structure
1.3 Internship Objectives To know what the internship aims to achieve, provides a basis for evaluating impact and provides focus
1.4 My Role as an Intern Clarifies what is expected of me as an intern, helps me in maximizing my potential as an intern
1.5 Weekly Milestones Timelines and weekly outputs
2. Research
2.1 List of research topics Topics which can be used to brainstorm ideas for research
2.2 Research Plan of Action Steps for conducting research
2.3 Sample Plan of Action Steps for conducting research (Sample plan of action)
2.4 Researching a Government Department Steps for conducting research on a government department
2.5 Researching in the Field Framework for field research
2.6 Resource Material on the WEB Useful websites to visit
2.7 Are You a Good Googler Tips for using google more effectively
2.8 Sample internship paper 2010 To know the structure of a paper, to get an idea of the final output
3. Communication
3.1 Style-Sheet for self-editing Papers Guidelines to be followed while writing your paper and how to cite the source of any information or fact
3.2 Internship paper standard Set’s benchmarks for quality of output, used for evaluation by the guides
3.3 A Guide to Referencing Provides rules to be followed for referencing: bibliography, in-text referencing etc.
3.4 Scope of Dissemination Ideas for taking your research far and wide
3.5 Information Classification Provides a format on how to arrange and classify information
4. Administrative
4.1 Office Rules Norms of how office works and you should keep in mind at all times
4.2 CCS Library Policy Rules for CCS library membership
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