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About Internship


The Researching Reality Internship provides a hands-on exposure to the application of social and economic principles in policy. The program is 15 years and has successfully impacted 300 interns who have contributed through 360 research papers.

The summer internship is a very structured program with around 25 candidates interning at the same time. The Internship seeks to provide an extensive program through which the students achieve:

a. Skills in planning, analysis, interpreting and documenting research
b. Ability to communicate with academia, media experts and government officials
c. Conducting field based research
d. Chance for publication in newspapers, magazines and CCS books
e. Certificate on successful completion of internship



  1. Aeishwarya Jha says:

    I am a 4th Semester law student from CNLU. I wish to know if CCS accepts interns from 2nd year and also that does it offer any stipend for internships? Since when do the internshp forms become available on the website for the 2011 summer internship?

  2. Marina Thomas says:

    I am pursuing my Masters in Social Work from Loyola College of Social Sciences,Trivandrum currently in the first year. I wanted to intern during the month of April or May minimum for two weeks preferably in an N.G.O or any community setting, anything which would enrich my knowledge and expertise in the course I am pursuing. Would also like to know if stipend was offered.

    Marina Thomas

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