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Non-Summer Research Internship 2011 on Education

[PDFMs Word]

Internship Period: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Oct, Nov, Dec
Application Deadline: At least one month prior to preferred intership period



  1. Martina Zahno says:

    I`m a student from switzerland, completing my MA in economics in september. This internship programme seems very interesting to me and I wonder whether it is also open to foreigners or only to indians? If yes, are there any vacancies in winter 2011?
    I`m glad for any information!
    Kind regards

    Martina Zahno
    Bern, Switzerland

  2. Srishti Kumar says:

    im a student in bangalore pursuing Bsc in economics maths and statistics.i want more exposure when it comes to practical application of various economic principles ,surveys etc.i was wondering if there are any internship programmes for short periods like 10 days during dussera break etc!!?…or if possible on weekends?!..are there weekend internship programmaes in bangalore?

  3. Rahul Anand says:

    Are the applications being accepted for the internships beginning December ??

  4. Bhavya laul says:

    hi.. i am Bhavya , a student of M.A. economics at JNU. am looking for a research based internship, in summer 2011. if there are any resaearch projects being carried out. please let me know

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