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Because being Gay in India is a Crime..

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Researching Reality Internship 2016. Apply Now!

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Internship 2016


Week 03: ‘’Because it is a crime to be existing as a gay human being in India….’’

The gay community in the United States has a reason to rejoice since the Supreme Court in the United States has legalized gay marriages across 50 states and this much needed step has been welcomed by all gay communities living in different parts of the world. What amazes me is the sheer number of supporters who have applauded this step and the increase in the number of people who have rendered their support to the LGBTQ community which reminds me of the protests in New Delhi when a large number of people (straight and otherwise) had come onto the streets to render their backing to the queer community in the year 2013.

Sadly, even though we live in the 21st century, there are a large number of people who still look at homosexuality as a disease and view it as something ‘’against the culture and tradition of the Indian society’’ or a ‘’disease which needs special attention and separate hospitals for treatment’’.  More frightening is the dark , grim reality of seeing such people publically showing their outrage against the wide support that the gay community has managed to garnered in its favor and demanding that such people ‘ be put in jails’ for going against the ‘’values and ethics’’ of the nation at large.

With such ludicrous arguments coming against those who support the gay pride movement, one might end up wondering is it the gay community who needs to be ‘’treated for their unnatural ailment ‘’ or is it they themselves who need counselling and be told what is natural and what is a disease? How can an individual be so narrow minded and so fundamentalist in his approach towards something as natural as sexual orientation, I wonder ?

In March 2014 , Health and Medicine week, research findings from the study of homosexuality in rams was published. Scientists at the Oregon Health and Science University School of Medicine had looked at the biological foundations of a male sheep’s homosexuality and thoroughly studied the in the past and provided for a controllable experiment. They studied the o S D N  an irregularly shaped, densely packed cluster of nerve cells in the hypothalamus of the sheep brain :- which is the organ responsible for controlling sexual behavior , blood pressure, and   temperature. Researchers found out that the o S D N or the Ovine Sexually Dimorphic Nucleus was larger and contained more neurons in male-oriented rams. This information is important in so many different ways while it is a study on ram behavior, it is believed that homosexuality can be found in different species , not limited to humans .This study is also important as it is the first study to show a relationship between variations in sexual partner preferences and brain structure in an animal , which could provide insight into how humans are studied and what should be looked for in humans to unlock the cues of biological causes of homosexuality. While the rams are an interesting case study, there are also research findings directly relating to humans .The parental hormone theory is a proactive explanation of the link between biology and homosexual tendencies. It is based on the idea that hormones can affect a fetus in the womb and can influence brain development. The central Nervous System can be heavily affected by the level of hormones present.

Keeping in mind the above research findings, the very argument of those who say that homosexuality is ‘’against the law of nature’’ goes down the drains. Homosexuality is as natural as you or me being heterosexuals or anyone else being a bisexual; comes. Sexual orientation has nothing to do with customs or traditions or morals of a land because morals and customs are a direct result of what people followed in the society back then;  which can change with gradual passage of time.

Still, if there are people out there who have any other reservations against homosexuality, can please mail me and let me know your views.

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Researching Reality Internship 2016. Apply Now!

Researching Reality Internship 2016. Apply Now!

Internship 2016

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