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Teaching Aptitude Testing-Administration 1

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Researching Reality Internship 2016. Apply Now!

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Internship 2016


Teaching Aptitude Testing

Location: District Institute of Education and Training, Gurgaon

Date: June 25, 2012

Time: 9:00 AM-1:00PM

Sample: 163 students of Diploma in Education, DIET, Gurgaon

Instrument: Teaching Aptitude Battery by Singh and Sharma

With prior permission of the Director, SCERT and Principal, DIET, I arrived in before time for the administration of the test. The students were in coaching classes for TET. Psychology Teacher who was to guide me through the conduction was on leave. In his absence of a Hindi Lecturer took the charge. He inspected the test booklets, confirmed from the Principal as well as the fellow teacher-in-charge. I was enthralled by the hospitality shown by Sir. He asked a student to offer me Badarinaath ka Prasad, made me sit comfortably on the aforementioned Psychology teacher’s chair in the staff room. While he was busy in a meeting with an M. Ed. teacher aspirant, I was arranging the test booklets in bundles of 30. As the two girls returned from the distribution of the Prasad, he ordered them to call two second year classes and one first year class in the ground, and asked one of them to go through the test booklets. I was taken aback. I inquired if she was in one of the classes on which the study was to be conducted. She, as expected, said, “Yes.” I smiled and requested her not to go through, in that case! She withdrew. Students were called upon in the ground. Test Booklets were distributed. Mike was arranged.

Rapport Formation: After everyone was seated, a general interaction with the students was ensued. The subjects were made to feel at ease through light conversations. Doubts and apprehensions were responded to and the students were provided security about the confidentiality of information. The students were informed that it is an aptitude test, that measures their potential to acquire teaching skills and that it doesn’t measure how much do they know. It was clarified that no prior preparation is required. For the weather was hot and windy, water was served at all times.


The following Instructions were given:

  1. In this test booklet, there are five subtests and in every subtest there are many questions. You have to answer all the items.
  2. In the beginning of every subtest necessary instructions are given along with example, read the instructions very carefully and then start giving answers.
  3. Write the answers of each item on the answer sheet at the proper place. Do not write anything on the test booklet.
  4. Write the answer of the item without any fear and hesitation.
  5. Work fast as much as possible

The students were cautioned against cheating, and it was told to them that honesty will reap the most successful results.


The Aim of the study is to assess the teaching aptitude of the pupil teachers at DIET, Gurgaon. Post Rapport Formation, and instructions delivery, Reusable Booklet of Teaching Aptitude Test Battery was reproduced in front of the students. According to the manual, the approximate administration time is ninety minutes. The students took around 75 to 120 minutes to complete 120 items. The students were observed to be engaged thoroughly in the test. Hardly any seemed fidgety or uninterested. Post the completion, the response sheets were collected back and the introspective report was requested.

Difficulties Faced:

  1. The proctor provided by the DIET was interfering in the most apt standardized conditions. He couldn’t understand the aim of the test, and was seen to be misguiding the students.

Solution: In whatever capacity I could, I clarified the aim of the test to the students, and encouraged them to not pay heed to the artificial time limits as being imposed by the teacher.

  1. The proctor distributed English Version of TATB Booklets to twenty-five students who were not very comfortable in English.

Solution: This problem was solved by allowing students to share the booklets with the ones who had the booklets in Hindi.

  1. Some students, even though were repeatedly told not to write anything on the booklet and despite providing them with a rough page for calculations, solved on the booklets with pens.

Solution: Whitener had to be used on each one of them later.

  1. Most students were expecting to keep the booklets with themselves. They thought they at least deserved a booklet in return of one and a half hour of concentration.

Solution: One of the booklets was provided to the Teacher.

The students of the DIET, Gurgaon returned the answer sheets along with the booklets. Each one of them was individually thanked for their time and sincerity. 

(Divyanshi Chugh)


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Researching Reality Internship 2016. Apply Now!

Researching Reality Internship 2016. Apply Now!

Internship 2016

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